One Dimensional Quadratics


The RealQuad Studio line of one-dimensional Quadratic Residue Diffusers is the most comprehensive array of models in the acoustics industry.  RealAcoustix offers (5) different models which are based on the low frequency cutoff per Schroeder's equation.  Additionally we offer (4) different standard heights for a total of (20) standard models.

All models are sequence 11 with better high frequency performance and resolution than competitive models on the market today.



The RQS250 is the largest format Quadratic Residue Diffuser available. With a low frequency cutoff of 250Hz and a high frequence range extending well above 6Hz, it also outperforms any one-dimensional Quadratic on the market.  Designed for larger studios, rehearsal halls and concert spaces, the RQS250 delivers unprecedented sound diffusion over the largest range available.


View/Download RQS250 Cut Sheet



The RQS350 is the second largest one-dimensional diffuser in our product line.  With a low cutoff of greater the 350Hz, the RQS350 can optimize the diffusive nature of even the largest room.  Due to it's thinner cells and higher prime number, it also performs better than any quadratic residue diffuser in it's class.



The RQS450 is the most popular Quadratic in the RealAcoustix line.  With a low frequency cutoff of 450Hz and a high frequency range extending well above 6KHz. 


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The RealAcoustix tradition of making the finest Quadratic's continues with the RQS500.  With full symmetry in each unit, they can be placed in any array with confidence.  The RQS500 is made of the finest hardwood veneers with stable MDF cores.  When you need the best diffusers on the market, think RealAcoustix.


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The RQS1000 is the thinnest format Quadratic Residue Diffuser available in the RealAcoustix line.  With a low frequency cutoff of 1KHz and a high frequency range extending well above 6KHz, it also outperforms and 4" deep one-dimensional diffuser on the market.  Designed for smaller spaces, the RQS1000 delivers great diffusion while saving space where required.


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