Bass Traps


Whether you need corner traps, ceiling or wall traps, high Q control down to 40Hz or broadband bass trapping, we have the technology to provide what you are looking for.



RealAcoustix manufactures the largest custom line of bass traps available.  All designers have different needs both acoustically and aesthetically when it comes to controlling low frequencies.  We work with the leading acousticians and architects in the world to ensure you get both the look and performance required for the job.


Download the BassBox PDF Cutsheet

BassMod 1500

The BassMod 1500 represents a classic approach to diaphraghmatic bass control.  Designed to retrofit into existing designs, the BassMod 1500 does a superb job of controlling low frequencies while not interfering with other frequency spectrums.

Available in (3) types, based on center frequency, the BassMod 1500 can be painted or fabric covered to your specifications.


Download a BassMod 1500 PDF Cutsheet

BassMod 4848

The BassMod 4848 is the most versitile and aesthetically pleasing diaphragmatic bass trap available.  Available in a variety of wood veneers as well as fabric coverings, the BassMod 4848 offers superior frequency selection as well as the capability of being both wall mounted or ceiling hung (direct or as a cloud).


Download a BassMod 4848 PDF Cutsheet