The Diffraction Slot Absorber (DSA) panel represents the finest architectural wood absorber of its type available.  Utilizing the tried and true Helmholtz principle, the DSA panel offers a unique architectural look while providing excellent absorptive qualities to control sound reflections in rooms.

The standard 14/2 DSA panel features 2mm slots with 12mm spaces in between and several different hole configurations in the rear of the panel dependent on the acoustical properties desired. 


View/Download DSA 14/2 Cut Sheet


The Diffraction Hole Absorber (DHA) panels provide a wider architectural pallette to the acoustician and architect.  These panels are constructed of real wood veneers with a variety of hole patterns, including microperf, for tuning the acoustic needs of a room. 

The DHA is a single hole product while the DHA/T is a T-hole product providing a wider absorption curve while maintaining a smaller, less visible hole in the front of the panel.  Front perforations as small as 2mm are available.


View/Download DHA Cut Sheet