The RealAB panel absorber is an elegant solution for everyday acoustic problems.  Used in many different room applications, the RealAB solves issues of too much reverberation and echo, bringing better clarity to your room.

The RealAcoustix RealAB panel is available in over 50 different styles and over 500 colors of fabric at no extra charge.  The RealAB panel meets all LEED and Greengard certifictations.


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Real HIR

The Real HIR panel absorber is a broadband acoustic solution designed specifically for areas where the panels may be subject to impact.  This would include sporting areas, classrooms & other high-traffic occupancies.

Patterned after our popular RealAB panel, the RealAB HIR (impact-resistant) panel includes a 1/8" high-density fiberglass layer under the fabric layer that provides excellent protection for the panel while maintaining great absoprtion coefficients.


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