The RealPyramid presents a classic acoustic diffuser/redirector design utilized in hundreds of facilities throughout the world.  Based on the golden pyramid equation, the RealPyramid is constructed of glass fiber reinforced gypsum for a hard reflective surface that reduces unwanted absorption.  The RealPyramid is a great solution for wave scattering in music rooms and other spaces where even distribution of reflected sound is desired. 


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The RealBarrel ReDirector series offers great versatility to designs where wave redistribution is key for good room performance.  Constructed of Class "A" fire-related plastics, the RealBarrel series meets or exceeds all current fire standards.

Available in 2x2, 2x4 and 4x4 models, the RealBarrel series is designed to drop into any conventional ceiling grid system.

It is also available in both rigid or diaphragmatic versions for increased low frequency absorption.


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